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Health system check-up - Assessing endurance capabilities

Mar 30, 2017
From the Healthcare & Life Sciences Institute

We in the healthcare industry find ourselves searching for solutions amidst a maelstrom of change. The issues we are facing have been building over time – changing demographics, reimbursement reform, increasing consumerism, and innovative market entrants.

And now all players, no matter how large or historically successful, are being forced to carefully navigate these challenges not just to thrive but simply to survive. This need to stay relevant in the changing marketplace is prompting large investments and shifts in business strategy. While bold moves are to be expected and in many cases are necessary, even more foundational to business continuity is a clear and truly comprehensive view of the risks your organization faces and your readiness to tackle them.

Read more to learn the 5 high impact areas one should use to assess their organization as a foundation of understanding the options that best position your organization for success.