United States

Growth and uncertainty: Highs and lows in the aerospace and defense sectors

Apr 19, 2016


Change, uncertainty, and disruption are rife across the aerospace and defense (A&D) sectors in the United States and around the world. A massive and fundamental transformation is underway and—when the dust starts to settle in the next 5 to 10 years—it seems clear that the A&D sectors will be significantly different than they are today.

Navigating through this complexity will not be easy for most A&D players and suppliers. For some, the outcome may be an exit from the market. But for others— particularly those able to identify the important trends and then respond with agility and boldness—this era of change and disruption will create massive opportunities.

That is why we have created this report. By sharing our experience, key data points, and emerging trends, we hope to raise awareness of the new opportunities and risks at play in today’s marketplace. And we hope to help A&D participants think differently about their organization’s future.

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