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Global aerospace and defense outlook 2016

Sep 09, 2016


The dawn of a new day

If A&D executives are right, the next few years should be thrilling. Growth is now well and truly in the organizational crosshairs and our respondents suggest they will be aggressive in hunting it down. As the leaders recognize that a new day is dawning, many are stretching themselves outside of their comfort zones, leveraging their existing capabilities to grab hold of new opportunities. A&D executives have every reason to be confident.

This report is based on a survey of 76 senior A&D executives conducted in early 2016 by Forbes Insights. Approximately half of respondents are based in Europe, while 21 percent are based in the Americas. Almost one-third of respondents represent companies with annual global revenues of more than US$5 billion and 8 percent represent organizations with revenues of more than US$25 billion.

To support the survey data, KPMG International conducted a series of interviews with leading A&D manufacturers around the world. Their experiences, combined with insights from KPMG professionals around the world, provide valuable context for today’s manufacturers.

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