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Demand-driven supply chain 2.0

Dec 08, 2016
From the KPMG Institutes


A direct link to profitability

There is increasing evidence of the link between customer experience and profitability. However, with growth back on the agenda, many supply chains lack the flexibility and agility to compete across a networked supply chain. Information lies at the heart of an effective supply chain: to capture and analyze data that feeds decisions such as what to produce, in what quantity, how much to store and when to deliver. Clear, strong leadership allocates responsibility to appropriate individuals, to maintain awareness of the value that supply chain decisions bring to companies.

There is growing evidence that companies adopting demand-driven supply chains enjoy increased sales, reduced operating expenses and improved working capital — by focusing on customer experience. Every company is at its own stage in the journey towards a demand-driven supply chain 2.0. The examples in this paper show how some of the better practitioners are gaining essential competitive advantage, by recognizing the holistic, and technologically advanced, nature of tomorrow’s supply chains.

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