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A New Latin Rhythm: The Transformation of the Global Outsourcing Business

Latin America’s outsourcing industry has gone through many changes in recent years. The first edition of this report (Nearshore Attraction: Latin America Beckons as a Global Outsourcing Destination, 2009) focused on the rise of Latin America as a nearshore destination and the incentives offered in different countries to attract outsourcing service providers.

This edition revisits the region fives years on and asks: is Latin America still attractive as a global outsourcing destination?

This report provides a general overview of the changes in Latin America’s outsourcing industry and highlights specific tradeoffs when considering key locations for outsourcing in the region.

Read the report to discover:

  • Current trends in the outsourcing industry.
  • Case studies of selected companies
  • Challenges Latin America’s outsourcing industry faces in an uncertain global economic scenario
  • A vision on the future of outsourcing in the region