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New Game Time in 2015

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An article from  IAOP's PULSE Magazine featuring KPMG's David Brown.

IAOP’s PULSE magazine asked David Brown and other thought leaders to predict and forecast what 2015 may hold for the outsourcing market.  Judging from what they forecast, it’s a whole new game.

“We’re seeing a lot of ambitions and sophisticated companies in the market that are realizing significant benefits by shifting from ‘on-premises’ to ‘as a service’ delivery models.  It’s already taking place and will likely continue to pick up momentum over the next several years.”

– David Brown, Global Leader, Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP

Among the top 10 trends seen ahead by IAOP’s trend watchers are:  business outcomes, partnerships, new talent needs, cloud, automation, analytics, governance, risk monitoring, consolidation and CSR.

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