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The Industry has Spoken: Are we Ready to Make the Leap from GBS to Digital Business Services?

A joint Webcast from KPMG Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory and HfS Research

Over 500 services industry stakeholders have voiced their current experiences, viewpoints and intentions with Global Business Services (GBS).

Discover the core findings of our recent study and see how leading enterprises are achieving value beyond cost and creating competitive advantage by addressing the emerging impacts of innovation like cognitive technology, robotic automation and cloud platforms.

Topics from the webcast include:

  • The key directives coming from today’s C-Suite: Are they aligned with enterprise services and outsourcing performance and strategy?
  • The operations performance challenges of today's enterprises: Where are they challenged, where are they improving, and what do they need moving forward?
  • Current and future operating models for today's major enterprises: What is aspiration versus realistic? Can enterprises get to where they need to go with what they currently have?
  • The impact of “as-a-Service” models and digital technology on global operations: How are today’s leading enterprises approaching the emerging impacts of cognitive computing, robotic automation, mobile, analytics, and cloud platforms to be effective? How should they prioritize their focus? Which of these “as-a-Service” elements disrupt their operating framework—and how should enterprises get ahead of the curve to create a competitive advantage?
  • Are service providers, advisors and enterprise service buyers aligned on what is needed for future success? Are providers selling—and investing in what clients need? Are advisors developing the right competences to be effective?

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