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Taking Your Global Business Services Brand to the Next Level: From CRM to CEM

Trying to elevate the value proposition of your global business services organization? It is time to move from customer relationship management to customer experience management.

80 percent of service organizations believe they deliver a superior customer experience, while only about 8 percent of their customers agree.

Effective global business services (GBS) centers know their performance goes beyond delivering the right services at the right price. It is also about elevating the internal brand and improving strategic relevance.

To do so, they have taken a page from outsourcing service providers by focusing on customer relationship management (CRM). But CRM is only the beginning.

The next step is to evolve from managing customers’ relationships to managing their overall experience with shared services. This discipline, called customer experience management (CEM), is about turning customer satisfaction into loyalty, advocacy, and higher organizational relevance for business services.

Who are your customers? How do they interact with the GBS organization? How are you continually improving their experience? How are you addressing roadblocks? This kind of holistic thinking is the stuff of CEM.