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Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Pulse Survey 2015

About the Nordic Pulse Survey

Over the last 11 years, KPMG has been surveying service providers and its advisors globally to get the latest pulse on the global shared services and outsourcing markets. Starting in 2014, KPMG conducts a separate Nordic Pulse Survey to ensure that we combine findings from a global level with an understanding of the local market and context. 

This report reveals the latest trends within shared services and outsourcing, as well as reflections on several key topics from a service delivery transformation point of view.

The Era of Global Business Services

The data clearly shows that Nordic organizations are moving from a traditional silo-based and transactional shared services and outsourcing focus, to more of a holistic end-to-end approach, and gradually adapting what we refer to as Global Business Services (GBS).

Particularly four topics have been identified that are either emerging as new trends or that have already made it to the top of Nordic GBS leaders’ agendas:

  • Process ownership
  • IT & enterprise systems
  • Data & analytics
  • Customer care


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