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Webcast: How to Fast Track Your Global Business Services Maturity Journey

As long as business service functions have been around, they have sought to provide value and not be seen as just a utility provider. Many of the enterprises that have succeeded have adopted a global business services (GBS) model.

Our research indicates that the adoption of GBS is high priority for the majority of large enterprises; however, many are struggling to move forward on the maturity curve.

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We see many firms falter or get stuck “in the middle” at Level 3.  Discover why it is so difficult to move from scaled GBS operations to integrated and strategic models. Learn how other enterprises have been able to move along the maturity curve and reap the rewards of their commitment.

The webcast presentation explores:

  • Why GBS is so heavily adopted by large enterprises
  • What characteristics of Level 3 pose the most challenges
  • How other companies have successfully moved to Level 4 and 5
  • The potential benefits from the GBS model investment
How to Fast Track Your Global Business Services Maturity Journey

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These results were first revealed in a joint webcast with KPMG Shared Services Outsourcing Advisory and HfS Research on Sept 16, 2015.

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