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Obscuring the real story: Your Global Business Services (GBS) scorecard may be 99 percent green but 100 percent irrelevant

How often have you received the advice to “align your internal organization to maximize customer impact and business value”?  We presume the answer is “all the time,” as industry thought leaders have been highlighting this issue for at least two decades. 

The problem is, it is missing a critical component—actionable metrics on business outcomes that shed light on the effectiveness of your service delivery processes. 

Global Business Services (GBS) organizations need to move from their established position of efficient back-office process execution experts to the place to go for relevant, innovative, and insightful intelligence around the health and performance of the business processes, delivery partners, and platforms that are the engine room of the business. 

Read the paper for insight into these imperatives for successful business-outcome-focused metrics:

  • Metrics structure
  • Data sources
  • Data visualization
  • Process governance