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KPMG Global Insights Pulse: The need for GBS maturity

Key Findings from KPMG’s 2016 Global Insights Pulse survey

The findings from KPMG Global Insights Pulse surveys are gleaned from KPMG firms' advisors, who work closely with end-user organizations that are actively exploring or undertaking domestic, near and offshore shared services and outsourcing, and other service delivery initiatives, as well as from leading third-party global business and IT service providers.

The need for global business services (GBS) maturity

Read the report: KPMG global insights pulse: the need for GBS maturity at kpmg.com/global (PDF)

Global organizations in every sector are actively pursuing strategies to increase the maturity of their global business services (GBS) operations, and deliver tangible improvements in performance and competitiveness above and beyond the historical benchmark of merely reducing operating costs.

Among the array of potential improvement options, a focus has intensified on three areas –  leadership, governance, and technology – as critical levers in the drive toward greater GBS maturity.

Key findings from the survey on the trends and technologies driving GBS maturity indicate that the roadmap to success requires strategic initiatives designed to:

  • Establish and define the role of a CXO level GBS executive leader
  • Improve organizational capabilities for optimal GBS governance
  • Adopt and exploit opportunities that robotics process automation (RPA), and advanced cognitive technologies offer to enhance GBS maturity


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Read KPMG Global Insights Pulse: The need for GBS maturity (PDF) on the kpmg.com/global website.


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