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Global Business Services growth beyond the back office

Key findings from KPMG’s 3Q 2016 Global Insights Pulse survey

The findings from KPMG Global Insights Pulse surveys are gleaned from KPMG firms' advisors, who work closely with end-user organizations that are actively exploring or undertaking domestic, near and offshore shared services and outsourcing, and other service delivery initiatives, as well as from leading third-party global business and IT service providers.

Global Business Services growth beyond the back office

State of Global Business Services shows continued growth and maturation.

Across the globe, companies are moving toward a Global Business Services (GBS) model to deliver core business processes such as Finance and Accounting (F&A), Human Resources (HR), Information Technology, Sourcing & Procurement and internal customer care.

Uptake in GBS continues to accelerate as organizations focus more on internal process improvements and use of automation technologies over traditional outsourcing. While many organizations originally looked to GBS as a method to drive process efficiencies and reduce costs, a mature GBS organization can deliver far deeper benefits with effects felt across the business.

KPMG’s 3Q 2016 Global Insights Pulse Survey looked at trends in GBS uptake and maturity. While savings and process efficiency remain key factors, findings show that leading GBS organizations share commonalities such as:

  • Functional integration of GBS across back office functions
  • Using data and analytics to advance the GBS organization beyond purely transactional activities
  • Focusing on cross-functional process improvements that make the businesses more relevant, fast-acting, and forward-thinking


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