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KPMG Global Insights Pulse: The paradox of digital disruption

Key findings from KPMG’s 2Q 2016 Global Insights Pulse survey

The findings from KPMG Global Insights Pulse surveys are gleaned from KPMG firms' advisors, who work closely with end-user organizations that are actively exploring or undertaking domestic, near and offshore shared services and outsourcing, and other service delivery initiatives, as well as from leading third-party global business and IT service providers.

The paradox of digital disruption

Digitization and the disruptions caused by the rise of digital technologies have created a paradox. While many organizations are aware of evolving digital solutions and their potentially positive impacts at a high level, most companies are slow to address or fully embrace these technologies. The result is a growing disconnect between the technologies’ potential and their adoption across firms and industries, as well as a widespread misunderstanding of the magnitude of the transformational opportunity digitization potentially provides.

KPMG’s 2Q16 survey, took a closer look at how today’s organizations are approaching digital disruption. Results show that organizations will need to embrace digital technologies in coming years or risk obsolescence.

Despite this imperative, typical organizations face many challenges in moving forward. The largest obstacles to adoption remain a lack of strategic vision for addressing digital disruption, the limits and needs of legacy IT systems, and cultural resistance to change.

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