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The very best of sourcing

A showcase of fundamental theories and effective practices

In The Very Best of Sourcing series we take a look at the sourcing market from four perspectives: organization structure, the innovation ecosystem, robotics, and customer experience. Or, in other words, from the core of an organization to the outer layer:

  • What adjustments do you need to make to your IT operating model to stay ahead of disruption?  
  • How does the arrival of a third actor, startups, affect the ecosystem between organizations and their service providers?  
  • How can you avoid the pitfalls of using robotics?  
  • And at the end of the chain: how can sourcing make an optimum customer experience also operationally excellent? 

Read by theme

We take a look at the best that sourcing has to offer from the perspective of four different themes through a series of blogs, videos, animations, and infographics.  Read by theme below:

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