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Are you ready to be a bot boss?

Three critical questions (and answers) about digital labor.

Robotic process automation and cognitive technologies are evolving much faster than most predicted, but this is the reality of today’s market. The winners will be vendors, service providers and end-user organizations that can most efficiently and best integrate emerging automation technologies and can also clearly understand the potential that lies at the core of digital labor.

Virtually every client I talk with today wants to know more about digital labor. Initially they see it as a way to reduce costs but over time they hope to find broader benefits.  —David Brown, Global Lead for KPMG's Shared Service and Outsourcing practice

Hear what KPMG's David Brown has to say about the potential advantages, the questions to ask to meet the challenges, and the guidelines to follow for businesses considering embracing emerging automation technologies and digital labor.


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Are you ready to be a bot boss?


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