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About KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory

KPMG is the world's largest and most comprehensive advisor on shared services and outsourcing, offering market-leading data and sourcing management technology together with broad, global transformational capabilities.


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Cliff Justice

U.S. Leader, KPMG Shared Services

and Outsourcing Advisory


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Shamus Rae

Partner, KPMG Management Consulting


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Service Delivery Strategies


KPMG offers relevant insights on how you can drive improvement further into your organization.

Take your Outsourcing Journey from Cost Savings to Value Creation 
Today's leaders aim to improve productivity not only within a business function, but also by breaking down silos and integrating processes among business units and across geographies.


Ever-Moving Targets: The New Portfolio Approach to Global Integration Never Rests
Competencies, processes, systems and people can align with your business and change on a dime.


Drive to the Top: The Journey, Lessons, and Standards of Global Business Services 
KPMG research indicates shared services can be a driver of efficiencies, value and fresh ideas across your entire organization.


Governance Matters

Ensuring the intended benefits are realized from a third-party outsourcing relationship or from an internal shared services organization is a critical function and often one of the most neglected. KPMG can help.


Services Portfolio Management

Transforming governance organizations from transactional vendor managers into value‑adding portfolio managers.



Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of an outsourcing and/or shared services model at any point in the life cycle through design, implementation and optimization of governance models.


Governance Technology Implementation

Securing the right governance technology from selection through post-implementation support.


Managed Governance

Easing the burden of non-core governance functions to enable more strategic decision making.


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