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KPMG's Robust Suite of Governance Services

Today's dynamic market conditions and frequent changes in organizational strategy necessitate a proactive and flexible approach to governing global services. KPMG helps clients manage their outsourcing and shared services initiatives, allowing them to achieve their goals while mitigating risk. KPMG's suite of complementary Governance service offerings include:
Managed Governance Services: These services take the burden of non-core governance functions off of clients' plates and enable them to focus on more strategic decision making versus time-consuming data crunching. View our video on YouTube.

Governance Advisory Services: This comprehensive set of services helps clients maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an outsourcing engagement no matter where they are in the outsourcing life cycle by helping to design, implement and optimize governance models.

Governance Technology Implementation Services: These Advisory services help clients understand, evaluate and implement outsourcing governance technologies that fit their organizational needs and requirements to create measureable business value.

KPMG's suite of Governance services helps provide clients peace of mind by giving them access to decades of governance experience and expertise, and the assurance that their outsourcing and shared services engagements will be well governed and achieve maximum value.

Read an overview of KPMG's suite of Governance services.

Industry & Functional Insights

Governance: Enhance the Value of Your Portfolio of Vendor Relationships
Governance includes a lot of administrative, as well as strategic components – and often managed in a multi-provider environment. Listen to the podcast to gain insight into approaches to help with both of these types of responsibilities.

The Outsourcer’s Guide to Success: Nine Factors for Successful Governance
The hardest part of outsourcing occurs after the deal is done. To help organizations ensure consistency in governance, we highlight nine cricital factors.

KPMG Managed Governance Services named to Winner's Circle
HfS Research, a leading analyst authority, evaluated and ranked the top players providing governance solutions. 

Strong Outsourcing Governance Helps Banks Emerge with Powerful Provider Networks
Learn how adopting a strong governance function can help banks effectively navigate through the current economic cycle and emerge with robust revenue streams; highly efficient back offices; and a powerful, compliant and value-creating ecosystem of third-party providers.

Financial Services Industry: Managing Vendors - It Isn't What It Used to Be
Outsourcing vendor compliance and risk management has severely lagged behind the expansion of the global services supply chain in the financial services industry. Listen to this podcast for insight into third-party management.

Balanced Scorecards for Facilities Management Performance
Use a balanced scorecard to improve your ability to monitor service provider performance and enable positive change.

Five Recommendations for a Successful Transition to REFM Outsourcing
Transition projects are too often about minimizing problems versus achieving results. Learn why transition projects often fail and how to address them.

Governance Insights for Complex, Global Organizations

Working to deliver competitive advantage with intelligent services governance
Service organizations can take the value-centric analytics patch to help identify and measure changing definitions of value

KPMG global insights pulse: the need for GBS maturity
Key findings from KPMG’s 2016 global insights pulse survey on the trends and technologies driving global business services (GBS) maturity. 

Enterprise Services Governance: It's a Brave New World
A key group of practitioners met and exchanged insight related to the future of governance.  Read this report for the key findings.

The Future of Governance
As part of a roundtable discussion, participants were asked if their services governance function was prepared for the future. Read this report to find out what they had to say.

The New Era of Service Portfolio Management
Service portfolio management requires a sophisticated, holistic approach. Learn the common traits of those who are successful at managing complex global sourcing.

Governance Centers of Excellence 
Understand the value to be gained by establishing an outsourcing center of excellence.

Case Study: Nestlé - Leading Governance Practices for Global Business Services
Nestle explains how they deliver the right service, at the right time, at the right price.


KPMG Leader Perspectives

Blog: Governing IT Governance: Key Strategies for the CIO
Key strategies for CIOs that help businesses survive and thrive as it relates to IT outsourcing.

Blog: Best-of-breed Governance for Best-of-breed Deals
An increase in services and providers is changing the dynamics of outsourcing and shared services governance. Find out how to navigate it all.

Blog: What’s Green on the Outside and Red on the Inside? Service Level Agreements
Too often executives see only the green on the outside of a service relationship while everyone closer to the middle sees only red. Find out more about this watermelon effect.




Governance Leading Practices

The Service Level Agreement Conundrum
Measuring the wrong things or creating high-level reports can make a function appear to be meeting objectives when it’s really not. What not to do when it comes to SLAs.

The Art of Services Governance
Read what Industry leaders had to say when polled on core governance issues for organizations wishing to successfully move forward in a growth market.


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