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CTO Insights - December 2015

CTO Insights

Tax departments are continuing to play an important role in the success of the business and Chief Tax Officers (CTOs) are under significant pressure to drive strategic value, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of tax operations. From reacting to regulatory and compliance changes, to managing risk, to sustaining performance and supporting growth, CTOs are facing complex and evolving challenges.

KPMG's CTO Insights is designed to highlight top-of-mind issues for tax executives and ways CTOs are addressing these opportunities and challenges. We are confident that you will find the information in each issue of CTO Insights practical and actionable in demonstrating the value you and your department bring to your organization.

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Topics addressed in this edition include:

Process improvement and automation

  • How recently have you assessed your technology platform?
  • Are you connected to the IT department to ensure tax needs are being considered?

The evolving international tax landscape and BEPS

  • How are you messaging OECD initiatives with your senior leadership, audit committee, and board?
  • How significantly are you altering your international tax planning as a result of BEPS?

Elevated external auditor scrutiny

  • Have your number of internal controls increased over the last year?
  • Do you have technology in place as a control during the collection, analysis, and reporting of relevant data?


U.S. corporate tax reform

  • How are your peers preparing for potential reform?
  • Have you initiated scenario planning around the potential impact of reform?
  • Are you effectively communicating to senior management on potential changes?