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Competitive Alternatives 2016 - KPMG's guide to international business locations costs

Mar 30, 2016
From the KPMG TaxWatch and the Tax Governance Institute

Since 1996, Competitive Alternatives has been providing insight into business location costs in cities and countries around the world.  The latest edition of Competitive Alternatives compares business costs in more than 100 cities in 10 countries - including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For companies considering sites for business operations, Competitive Alternatives can help perform a "quick scan" of locations to determine which markets can offer an advantageous business environment.  The study measures 26 key cost components in each market, including costs associated with taxes, labor, facilities, transportation and utilities, as they apply to seven different business-to-business service sector operations and 12 different manufacturing sector operations.  

In addition to these business costs which are a major component of the site-selection process, Competitive Alternatives also looks at noncosts factors that can influence the attractiveness of different locations. These noncost factors include labor availability and skills, innovation, economic conditions, regulatory environment, and personal quality of life.

Download the executive summary of Competitive Alternatives here.  

In addition to the main Competitive Alternatives 2016 study, there is a separate special report, Competitive Alternatives 2016 Special Report: Focus on Tax. This report assesses the general tax competitiveness of the 10 study countries, with an emphasis on tax costs in 51 major international cities.

For more information, visit the Competitive Alternatives website.