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Global Reward Services Alerts

Global Rewards Services (formerly Compensation and Benefits) Alerts

The Potential Tax Reform Impact on under the House Ways and Means Committee’s Tax Cut and Jobs Act on Various Compensation and Benefits Related Programs - This article discusses significant changes the TCJA proposes to compensation and employee benefit arrangements as well as significantly expanding the compensation and benefit deduction limitations under sections 162(m) and 274. 

BEPS Action 7, the Changing Definition of Permanent Establishment: A Guide for HR & Mobility Professionals - This article provides some general background on permanent establishment and how the changes in Action 7 can affect the HR and Mobility functions.

Umbrella Section 162(m) Compensation Arrangements Provide Design Flexibility While Preserving Deductions
This article discusses the plan design of performance-based incentive compensation paid to covered employees of public corporations and how it can be challenging to accommodate flexibility in plan design while also preserving tax deductibility under Code Section 162(m).

Is The Free Lunch Really Free? Tax Issues When Providing Employee Meals - This article discusses the potential tax issues for an employer when providing employer-provided meals to their employees.

Employers face the realities of a location-flexible workforce
A highlight of some of the key tax-related issues of flexible work arrangements across multiple tax jurisdictions.

U.S. Country-by-Country Reporting Rules - HR/Mobility aspects of BEPS Action 13 - Country-by-Country Reporting and its impact on U.S.-headquartered companies.

New overtime rules affect millions - On December 1, 2016, new overtime rules under te Fair Labor Standard Act will take effect and will change the way employers manage many of their employees.


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