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Unlock the value of your mobility data

In this video, KPMG partner Rachel Paul, Global Mobility Services, highlights how even basic data and analytics can turn information into decision-making power that can build credibility for the global mobility function. 

To learn more about how you may be able to use D&A to gather more insights from your program, read the KPMG-authored article “Telling the Story: The Value of Data and Analytics in Global Mobility Programs,” published in the October issue of Mobility Magazine.



Rachel Paul: Based on survey data, we know that global mobility departments really want to increase the partnership that they have with their businesses.  And data and analytics is one way that they can do that.  And the great news is that it doesn’t even take a pile of technology and a data scientist to really provide value; just clever use of Excel can do that all on its own.  So for example, we have one client who used Excel and existing data they already had to be able to identify the kinds of policy and process improvements that they could grant without adding additional cost to the business.  And so it was like providing another tool to the HR business partner’s toolbox because it allowed them to understand what kinds of policies or what kinds of requests they could say “yes” to, so that they could make assignees happy, but yet not overspend on their assignee budgets.  So we’ve found over and over that providing good data and analytics – just insightful use of data that are presented effectively in a strong visual way can increase the trust and credibility of a global mobility department.



Mobility Magazine - Telling the Mobility Story
Read more about the power of data and analytics in this article authored by KPMG Global Mobility Services professionals Glen Collins, Jennifer Link, and Rachel Paul, which appeared in the October issue of Mobility Magazine.