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The BEPS Ripple Effect

May 24, 2017
From the KPMG TaxWatch

Multinationals are reevaluating how and where they do business


The BEPS ripple effect
By KPMG's Brett Weaver and Jerry Thompson

In this paper, the authors from KPMG LLP's (KPMG) Value Chain Management practice provide insights to help businesses:

  • Understand the potential ripple effects of BEPS reforms beyond tax issues 
  • Take steps to respond to and cope with the new BEPS-driven global landscape

Webcast replay: Will new policies emerging from Washington disrupt your strategy?

Replay of March 7, 2017 Advisory Institute webcast where KPMG's Value Chain Management Leaders Brett Weaver, Brian Higgins and Dan Shaughnessy along with special guest speaker, Brant Miller, from Flex discuss emerging policy trends, industry and product insight, and top disruptors affecting your business strategy.

Webcast replay

Advocating for a Responsible Approach to Tax Planning and Management

Read the report for insights on why it concludes that, "The responsible approach to tax planning and management can pay off in terms of risk preparedness, as well as in terms of financial gains."

Responsible Approach to Tax Planning and Management

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