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CTO Insights

Never before has the tax department played such an integral role in the success of the business. Chief Tax Officers (CTOs) are expected to align tax with business goals, drive strategic value, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of tax operations.

In this CTO Insights-Issue Spotlight, we explore the hot topic of transforming tax talent. As the scope and role of the tax function change, skilled tax professionals are becoming an increasingly important strategic advantage for organizations. They are also becoming more difficult to attract, develop, and retain. In this edition, we examine some of the common challenges surrounding talent management in today’s tax departments.

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As talent challenges arise in your tax department, CTOs should consider:

How do you develop talent and foster long-term career development?

Are you training your staff beyond their job responsibilities?

How do you ensure your people are challenged and a clear career path is defined?

How are you structuring your tax department roles?

Do you look internally or externally to fill positions?

Do you have dedicated tax technology resources on your team?

What qualities are you seeking in your successor as CTO? 


CTO Insights—highlights tax department skill sets and succession planning, the CTO's relationship with the audit committee, transfer pricing and country-by-country reporting, and tax department integration with the IT department.  


CTO Insights—includes insight on the topics of tax technology enhancements for process improvement, the evolving international landscape and BEPS, external auditor scrutiny, and the latest on the potential for U.S. tax reform. 


CTO Insights—in the inaugural edition, we feature timely discussions on topics ranging from tax transformation, the impact of BEPS, talent approaches for tax, and pros and cons of a shared services model. 

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