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Never before has the tax department played such an integral role in the success of the business. Chief Tax Officers (CTOs) are expected to align tax with business goals, drive strategic value, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of tax operations.


Latest Edition: CTO Insights - Issue Spotlight



In this CTO Insights – Issue Spotlight, we examine the evolving expectations on, and responsibilities of, the CTO in today’s high-stakes tax environment, including how they add value to the business, prepare the business for potential legislative changes, and size and staff the tax function in light of the current economic environment.

Questions to consider:

• How do you measure results and clearly articulate the value the Tax department brings to the organization?

• Which aspect of current tax reform proposals (e.g., rate structure, denial of net interest expense deduction, expensing) would have the greatest impact on your company?

• Are you considering intelligent automation technologies to cope with shifting department sizes and increased expectations?




Jeff LeSage
Vice Chairman, Tax, KPMG LLP
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Latest Video: Evolving role of the CTO

CTOs discuss the evolving expectations and responsibilities of their role.

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Previous Editions: CTO Insights



CTO Insights
Topics covered in this edition:
  • U.S. corporate tax reform
  • robotics and process automation




CTO Insights
Topics covered in this edition:
  • U.S. regulatory environment section 385
  • Benchmarking tax department compensation




CTO Insights
Topics covered in this edition:
  • Tax function succession planning
  • Audit committee relations 
  • Transfer pricing and CbC


CTO Insights
Topics covered in this edition:
  • Tax technology enhancements
  • Evolving international landscape and BEPS
CTO Insights


CTO Insights
Topics covered in this edition:
  • Tax transformation
  • Impact of BEPS
  • Talent approaches for tax


Previous Editions: Issue Spotlight







CTO Insights - Issue Spotlight