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Sending your employees overseas can leave you facing a range of costs based on:

  • home and host country tax and residency rules
  • the length of the transfer
  • policy allowances
  • and many other factors
Our Global Mobility Services practice develops technology tools that can help you manage costs and enhance efficiency.  The KPMG LINK Work Force suite of global mobility tools, combined with KPMG's services, can help streamline and simplify the management of your global mobility program.  Our web-based, integrated, and user-friendly tools can be tailored to a company's assignment program.  
KPMG LINK Cost Projector is part of the KPMG LINK Work Force suite of applications, it helps calculate the estimated assignment costs of individuals or groups from country to country - before the assignment begins.  Having this estimate can help you reduce costs, identify opportunities, and streamline your assignment policies.
Ideal for budgeting and accruals, tax planning and hypothetical tax calculations, the web-based Cost Projector combines robust fuctionality with transparency and intuititve navigation.

Did you know?

  • KPMG LINK Cost Projector was first introduced in 1990.
  • Over 70 countries are supported by KPMG LINK Cost Projector.
  • KPMG LINK Cost Projector incorporates the 183 day treaty rule in the calculation.
  • Short-term assignments can also be calculated by KPMG LINK Cost Projector.

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More about KPMG LINK Cost Projector

Please reach out to one of the contacts below for a brochure or fact sheet, or to set up a meeting for a demonstration of how KPMG LINK Cost Projector works.

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Jenny Lu

Manager, Global Mobility Services

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Senior Manager, Global Mobility Services

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