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Don't Underestimate BEPS' Impact on Indirect Tax

While the OECD BEPS project is primarily aimed at corporate income tax, indirect tax implications should not be overlooked.

Country-by-Country Reporting: An EU Perspective

Country-by-Country Reporting: An EU Perspective

A look at EU country-by-country reporting initiatives

OECD BEPS Action Plan—Taking the Pulse in:


Read Special Report on BEPS for a detailed overview of the OECD's October 5, 2015, final recommendations by action item, or click here to download a printable copy of the report from KPMG International.



BEPS is making transfer pricing more important than ever. Check out this useful transfer pricing resource from KPMG International, Transfer Pricing in the United States ... and beyond.

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BEPS in Brief
Summarizes the Oct. 5, 2015, OECD BEPS reports provides initial insights on how the recommendations may translate into implementation plans and who may be most affected.
Sense and Sensibility: The Policy and Politics of BEPS
Transcript of Manal Corwin's Tillinghast Lecture on International Tax Taxation on Sept. 30, 2014, Tax Notes

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