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Learn from KPMG professionals who offer a deep understanding of import and export laws and regulations, the global supply chain, and trade processes and controls that can be customized to a business unit, company or industry.


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Successfully Deploying Global Trade Management Systems (GTMS)

Robert Waldrop, a managing director in KPMG LLP's Global Trade Technology Services group, explains GTMS, including their benefits and implementation challenges, as well as what KPMG can do to help companies deploy a successful GTMS.

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Foreign Trade Zones

Amie Ahanchian, managing director in KPMG LLP’s Trade and Customs practice, discusses the use of Foreign Trade Zones and their benefits for importing into the United States.

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Post-Deal Trade Transactions

John McLoughlin, principal in KPMG LLP’s Trade and Customs practice talks about what executives should consider in Post-Deal trade transactions.

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Recent Articles and News

  • Webcast Replay: The short and long game on Section 232 tariffs - This Webcast, we will discuss the Section 232 tariffs and how companies across several industries are seeking to mitigate their impact.

  • Turning the key on FTZs - Because implementing a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is an investment that requires a cross-functional approach, IT systems integration, and the development of a clear roadmap, companies seeking to implement an FTZ should consider a “turnkey” solution.
  • Recent Customs Cases Show Increased Risk in Importing - From Forbes BrandVoice - KPMG Voice - Companies who engage in U.S. importing or exporting might be facing increased liability. Importing carries with it obligations beyond the payment of customs duties and taxes on imported goods. In United States vs. Trek Leather, the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals broadened the focus of customs regulations. Read this article to learn more.
  • New chief trade officer's first 100 days - Like a new chief executive officer, or other functional head, a new chief trade compliance director is typically required to be an impetus for change. His or her initial questions invariably may be, “Where should I start? What should I do to ensure that my first 100 days are a success?” This article provides insights on what a new chief trade officer should consider during his or her first 100 days.
  • Help for piecing together the trade compliance puzzle - Global trade is a complex puzzle of ever-changing government regulations and rules, cross-border documentation, fluctuating currencies, diverse cultures, preferential benefits, and constantly changing trading partners. It is also risk-inherent and challenging, creating significant exposure and liability for multinational companies and their key decision makers. This article highlights four areas where managed services can offer significant benefits.



Tax Reform and Trade

  • Trump and NAFTA - KPMG LLP's What's News in Tax - January 2017 - This article considers whether a president has the authority to unilaterally withdraw from the NAFTA or whether the president must seek consent or authorization from Congress, and explores other avenues the president may have to modify tariffs.


Global Trade Management


  • 2017 Global Trade Management Survey - The 2017 Global Trade Management Survey is a collaborative effort between KPMG’s Global Trade & Customs practice and Thomson Reuters. Now in its third year, the survey uncovers what matters most to global trade practitioners.  
  • Video - Successfully Deploying Global Trade Management Systems - Robert Waldrop, a managing director in KPMG LLP's Global Trade Technology Services group, explains global trade management systems (GTMS), including their benefits and implementation challenges, as well as what KPMG can do to help companies deploy a successful GTMS.


Duty Drawback

  • Harnessing the Simplified Duty Drawback Rules - As new U.S. duty drawback regulations will go into effect on February 24, 2018, what can you do to prepare? Strategic and transactional planning that can result in significant benefits to importers and exporters.


Still Newsworthy...

  • Post Deal Transactions - Planning for post-deal trade services: corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, and even internal restructurings can have a substantial impact on the supply chain. Companies should consider aligning trade-related areas affecting their global supply chain. Read more...  


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