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Introducing KPMG Research Credit Services with Watson

KPMG Research Credit Services with Watson

Driving faster, more accurate and more beneficial tax decisions

KPMG has built the first AI-powered platform with Watson to specifically help clients secure the R&D Credits they deserve. Discover how this cognitive platform can potentially help companies improve the outcome in capturing income tax credit subsidies for their research and development investments.

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A New Way to Uncover R&D Tax Credit Opportunities

With the ability to review and analyze thousands of documents with speed and accuracy—without increasing human labor—KPMG can reliably and comprehensively validate your company’s R&D activities, possibly discover unknown credits, and quickly complete robust IRS deliverables. By embracing this offering, companies with ongoing R&D potentially benefit from improved cash flow, reduction in tax liability, and increased EPS while simultaneously enabling their human resources to focus on strategic work.

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Opportunities for intelligent automation in the tax function


Intelligent Automation: A Big Win for Tax Departments

A wide range of new technologies upending how businesses compete in almost every facet of their operations. And now, in the U.S., a dramatic realignment of the federal tax code that lowers the corporate income tax rate while eliminating some long-tenured deductions—regulatory details to follow. If ever there was a time for corporations to rethink how the tax function is organized and managed, this may be it. 

In this Forbes article, Steve Rainey and Brad Brown discuss how tax departments today have an opportunity to leverage big data and artificial intelligence applications like machine learning to infuse their operations with intelligent automation.

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The Future of Tax


Bots, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning

Yes, these will impact your tax function, but when and how much are still unclear. Explore the possibilities in this Tax Executive article written by Steve Rainey and Brad Brown, KPMG's Chief Innovation Officers for Tax.

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KPMG and Thomson Reuters transform tax processes


Providing Leading Methodologies to an Organization's Tax Challenges

Read our recent announcement on KPMG and Thomson Reuters ONESOURCEplatform's expanded set of capabilities.

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KPMG Tax professional recognized as a Taxologist of the Year


Thomson Reuters Announces Winners of Fourth Annual Tax Technology Awards

Thomson Reuters honored Joe Habak, Tax Senior Manager, Technology Solutions at KPMG Ignition, with its Taxologist Award in the Certified Implementer Program category. This award recognizes tax professionals who excel in enhancing tax function effectiveness and driving significant value to their organization together with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE.

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KPMG’s International Tax Reform Analyzer 

Click here to learn about KPMG's new Excel-based tool that models the potential impact of the new U.S. tax law on an organization's global operations.

Webcast Replay

Here from KPMG's Co-chief Innovation Officers for Tax, Brad Brown and Steve Rainey, as they discuss the potential of intelligent automation and how it's being used to support the tax department's strategy to support the business objectives.

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2018 Tax Outlook

Click on the infographic below to see how tax professionals responded to questions we posed during our Tax Innovation Webcast.


Ignition Center


Pushing beyond what's expected

KPMG cultivates innovation through Ignition Centers. With strategic locations around the country, Ignition Centers are where KPMG professionals from different disciplines - from developers to data scientists to information architects collaborate to discover the transformative solutions businesses need to successfully compete. 

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Learn more about KPMG's Ignition Centers by taking a tour with this short video:


Tax Innovation Insights

Mobility Data

Mobility Data

Unlock the value of your mobility data

Turn basic data & analytics into decision-making power for your global mobility function.

Map your D&A

Map your D&A

Data Analysis to Drive Tax Performance

D&A capabilities to transform the tax function from an operational requirement to an advantage.

Tax Transformation

Tax Transformation

Helping to transform the tax function

Learn how KPMG's Tax Transformation practice can help drive tax performance.



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