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2013 Update: Perspectives From the Capital

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Original Webcast | March 28, 2013

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Are you prepared for "stroke-of-the-pen" risk?

The April 2013 KPMG/NACD Quarterly Audit Committee Webcast, featured a dialogue with KPMG's Scott McLucas, executive director -- Federal Government Affairs, and James. P. Liddy, U.S. Audit vice chair, on the 2013 legislative and regulatory landscape, and the implications for businesses and oversight.

Following the early January tax compromise and ongoing sequestration, fiscal and regulatory challenges lay ahead. From the fiscal health of federal entitlement programs to recent turnover at the SEC, Scott outlines what audit committee members, directors and senior management should be monitoring throughout the year. He also sizes up the possibility of business tax reform and further federal spending cuts.

This 60-minute webcast also covers recent financial reporting consideration and accounting developments.

Read highlights from the dialogue.