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KPMG's Spring 2015 Roundtable Series - San Diego

Jun 04, 2015
From Audit Committee Institute

Capital Allocation and the Board of Directors

KPMG's Audit Committee Roundtable Series

KPMG's Spring Roundtable Series— Capital Allocation and the Board of Directors—will explore key questions and considerations for the board in overseeing the capital allocation process. Does the company's allocation of capital align with its strategic priorities? How much flexibility does the capital plan require, and does the company have the right balance sheet to support it? While oversight of capital allocation is ultimately the responsibility of the full board, are committee responsibilities—e.g., for progress updates and special situations—clear? Does management have a robust capital allocation process, including the right leadership and talent, to determine how best to deploy capital across the enterprise? How might biases in the process, such as compensation and incentives, influence capital allocation decisions?

Our roundtable session will delve into these and other challenges facing boards as they evaluate the company's capital allocation process and whether the company has the financial wherewithal to execute on its strategy.

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