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Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World

Sep 27, 2012
From the Advisory Institute

The "war for talent" is crucial to almost every business in today's competitive global markets. However, the human resources (HR) function is often viewed as being non-essential or ineffective.

To probe deeply into the challenges, as well as the opportunities, for the HR function to change the dynamics of its relationship with the business, KPMG International commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a study of executives across the globe.

KPMG International has used the research findings to provide a fresh view of the path forward for leaders of the HR function. We invite you to explore the research:

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Insights
  • Regional Reports
  • Three Urgent Challenges
  • Technology Driven HR
  • Next Step: Data Driven HR
  • The Future of HR: Eradicating the Stigma
  • Our Conclusion: Three Simultaneous Changes in HR

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