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Driven by Demand: Research Into the Supply Chain Model

May 22, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

According to exclusive KPMG LLP (KPMG) research, companies that have instituted demand-driven supply chains (DDSC) have a distinct financial edge over their industry peers.



"Fifty-eight percent of surveyed companies with a network DDSC outperformed their peers on revenue growth, and 55 percent of surveyed companies did so on margin."

KPMG interviewed 250 executives across a mix of FORTUNE and Global 500 corporations in the United States, asking them detailed questions about the importance and capabilities of their demand-driven supply chain.

Read our survey report to explore what we learned about:

  • The value of a networked DDSC model
  • Common characteristics of companies utilizing collaborative DDSC
  • Industries that lead and those that lag in adoption of DDSC concepts

Read Driven by Demand: Research into the Supply Chain Model