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The Intersection of Technology, Strategy and Risk: A Video Series Defining the Board's Role

Jun 17, 2014
From the Advisory Institute and the Audit Committee Institute

This video series is designed to help boards understand:

  • How emerging technologies impact directors' responsibilities
  • Why the board must partner with the CIO in providing IT leadership
  • What boards should ask about big data, security and social media

Series Overview

As information technology (IT) continues to evolve, so does the role of an effective corporate director. From big data analytics to social media to cybersecurity, technology creates opportunities for companies to innovate, create operational efficiencies and develop a competitive advantage.

A Brave New World

The future has arrived, and increasingly technology plays a critical role in the long-term sustainability of the enterprise. In this brave new world, boards must ensure their companies are prepared for the numerous ways emerging technologies are changing the traditional business landscape.

Critical Questions Boards Should Be Asking about Technology

Clear communication between the board and technology leaders is essential for a productive and profitable future. Learn the key questions that boards should be asking to ensure that the technology strategy and the business strategy are aligned.

Technology and Leadership: The Critical Role of the CIO

The effective CIO is no longer simply a technologist, but must be a business leader first, capable of talking about technology in terms of company strategy. He or she should be a fully integrated leader of senior management, able to proactively offer answers to questions and solutions to business problems.

Embracing Disruption

Disruptive technologies are creating new markets, new customers, new mindsets and new competitors. Understanding and balancing opportunities and risks should be a key area of focus for directors.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Boards must set a tone for innovation that is bold, yet thoughtful, while CIOs need to quantify and communicate the risks and rewards of innovation.

The Big Data Revolution

The power and range of IT capabilities are endless—from social and mobile to big data and cloud computing—and so are the potential risks. Due diligence in mitigating risk starts in the boardroom.


From deliberate attacks to unforeseen errors, software failures to web weaknesses, today’s IT environment is complex. Boards must have a robust understanding of the threats that exist, be aware of the company’s vulnerabilities and have measures in place to counteract the risks.

Social Media: Risk and Reward

Social media has transformed the cultural and economic landscape, rewriting concepts of privacy, confidentiality and commercial secrecy. Directors must ensure the company is using these technologies for maximum strategic advantage, while remaining vigilant against potential reputation risk.

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