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Survey on Retail Loan Review Practices 2014

Oct 01, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

KPMG LLP's Credit Risk Management Practice examines retail loan review core practices and discusses the ways in which bank practices are evolving to meet a changing regulatory and competitive environment.

Within these core practices, we note a wide diversity of approaches that reflect the differences across financial institutions in risk management approach, institutional culture, and the delineation of activities that are within the purview of each Loan Review Function. This white paper provides insight into this diversity of retail loan review practices and new perspectives on leading practices that banks can use.

Our survey approach used a targeted set of questions to each of the 18 bank participants and allowed for follow-up and elaboration regarding leading and/or interesting practices.

The findings are presented in these contexts:

  • demographics
  • focus areas of retail loan review
  • planning, sampling, and portfolio coverage
  • data analytics and tools
  • professional resources.


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