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Running the Business of IT: Metrics That Matter

Dec 15, 2014
From the Advisory Institute

Do you have the right KPI's to run IT as a business?

PDF: Running the Business of IT: Metrics That Matter

For years the IT function has been capturing, organizing, and delivering information for everyone in the company except itself.

CIOs need to be able to identify, measure, and analyze how the business gauges IT’s success, both in terms of delivering core IT services and contributing to business value. What is needed is a set of good IT metrics that reveal how to “move the needle” on IT performance around these outcomes.

The right metrics can enable CIOs to gain the insight they need to optimize value by:

  • Answering questions around how to exploit information to make the most effective decisions in terms of running the business of IT (efficiency)
  • Answering questions to ensure they are delivering the right services and solutions for their customers (effectiveness).

Learn in this article about identifying the right metrics for a dashboard that provides a narrative and valuable business intelligence to support decision making without inflicting unnecessary overhead on the IT organization. Learn, too, about developing a management process for "Intelligent IT".

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