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Thriving in a digital world

Jul 07, 2016
From the Advisory Institute

Read the whitepaper: Thriving in a Digital World

Understanding ‘why’ people do things, rather than ‘how’, is critical.

Accelerating advances in technology are changing the rules and risks of business, which means market leaders need to operate and think differently. By shifting the focus beyond technology and onto employees and customers, organizations understand the relationships with those who produce, buy and benefit from their products and services. This is how they succeed in a digital world.

"It is about user centricity within the digital landscape. Organizations can solve the right problems for their specific needs by articulating what those problems are."
— Todd Clare, KPMG Digital and Mobile Solutions

By focusing on people and process, being agile and constantly revisiting solutions, today’s market leaders identify and solve the right problems, get to market quickly, and drive business growth. KPMG believes there are four steps that organizations can take today to thrive in the face of the current market shifts:


focus on the problem first


design for people not processes


deliver small, fast and often


always look for improvement.

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the four steps successful organizations are using to create value and meet the challenges of this new landscape by recognizing the need to think and act digitally. By focusing on the problems, designing for customers, delivering in an agile way and continually looking to improve, these organizations thrive in a digital world—and you can too.

Read Thriving in a digital world


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