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Six Big Bets for Digital Transformation

The fourth industrial revolution is here, driven by the rapid introduction of diverse and disruptive technologies, creating enormous opportunities for businesses to create competitive advantages with innovative products, services, business models and ways of engaging with customers. 

PDF: The Creative CIOs agenda: Six big bets for digital transformation

Forty-four percent of large enterprises have an enterprise-wide digital vision and strategy, but 35% have them only within individual business units, according to the latest Harvey Nash / KPMG 2016 CIO Survey. Without a strong leader to drive an enterprise-wide digital business vision and strategy there is a high risk that function owners may pursue initiatives independently. Those might lead to some quick wins but will ultimately saddle the organization with redundant solutions and disjointed data.

CIOs are well-positioned to organize and lead digital transformation. Learn in this paper about six “big bets” that CIOs must consider now to position their organizations to be digital-ready, so as to innovate and remain relevant. 


Read the PDF: The Creative CIO's Agenda: Six big bets for digital transformation (470 KB)

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