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Actionable insights in a digital world: The Elite CIO

Nov 14, 2017
From the Advisory Institute

CIOs are stewards of rapidly expanding IT budgets in the digital economy. Managing the optimal consumption of IT resources requires core foundational skills and a well-defined playbook—just like the elite athlete who adheres to a disciplined training regimen and game plan. 

The Elite CIO leverages best practice processes to capture data and analyze metrics, use the proper tools for efficiency, and communicate clear expectations. When the processes are managed effectively, the results are game-changing.

Business leaders expect that innovative technology will enable IT to support and advise their digital transformation agenda. CFOs expect access to reliable data to make informed decisions on IT spending, budgeting, and investments. To be effective leaders and guardians of their IT assets, CIOs must know what it costs to deliver their services, who is consuming them, and what the quality of the services in production is. 

Technology business management (TBM) as a discipline supports the Elite CIO by enabling a single, transparent view of technology costs, consumption, and performance across the enterprise. To attain the peak performance requires foundational steps that enable CIOs to achieve those results.

Those results are absolutely attainable and, more importantly, expected from any CIO who wants to be a credible leader and operate at peak performance in today’s digital economy. Read the article for some real-world examples.

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Actionable insights in a digital world: The Elite CIO
Technology Business Management (TBM) provides data transparency inside of IT to enable financial transparency outside of IT.

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