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Defining Issues: Forensic Technology




Proactive Forensics

read Proactive Forensics

The success of an investigation can depend on the steps taken before an incident occurs. Read now.




Controlling Your Information Eco-System

read Controlling Your Information Eco-System

Establish a life cycle for your enterprise's information that reduces data volumes but recycles reusable information. Read now.




Records and Information Governance

read Records and Information Governance

CIOs recognize the need to bring IT closer to business and legal operations. Yet very few organizations "get it right." Read now




Defensible Deletion

read Defensible Deletion

Retrieving useful business information and gaining insights from it have become more difficult and costly. Read now.





Lessons Learned: The Three Rs of eDiscovery

read Lessons Learned: The Three Rs of eDiscovery

As fast as individual electronic discovery systems are created, they are just as quickly dismantled at the matter’s conclusion, with all that hard-won knowledge irretrievably lost. Read now.




Astrus Insights

read Astrus Insights

KPMG has launched potentially groundbreaking analysis into the risks companies take when they enter into new business relationships. Read now.


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