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IT Demand Management -- Principles for Both Consumers of IT and Suppliers of IT

May 20, 2014
From Advisory Institute

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IT Demand Management – Principles for Both Consumers of IT and Suppliers of IT
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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
This episode hosted by Steve Bates, Principal
KPMG LLP Advisory Services


IT, as a supplier of services, is in a bind. The IT organization wants to be the best internal service provider it can be, yet it's impossible to deliver infinite service to fulfill ever-expanding technological dreams of the business on a fixed budget. IT is caught with demand far in excess of supply, and no reliable process for aligning to the business.

N. Dean Meyer, author of Internal Market Economics: practical resource-governance processes based on principles we all believe in, as well as other acclaimed business-related books, explains the best way to balance demand and budget for IT services.

Listeners will gain an understanding of:

  • How to ensure IT investments and opportunities are aligned with corporate strategy
  • How to follow market economics and establish a governance process that allows the business – the consumer of IT resources – to control the IT budget
  • Where CIO spending expectations and reality diverge
  • What corporate IT must do to earn "vendor of choice" status
  • How to get the benefits of charge backs – without charge backs


Duration: Less than 14 minutes
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