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The Road Ahead: Global Technology and Operations

Apr 29, 2015
From Advisory Institute

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Planning ahead


Managing the data challenge in banking

More and more data is being collected on all aspects of banking operations, yet collectively, the totality of ‘data issues’ are still not properly aggregated nor, more importantly, understood by management. This publication looks at the Basel 239 Principles and the underlying challenges of risk data aggregation. However, this issue has to be based on a much broader perspective than simply that of risk data. BCBS 239 may be the prime driver at the moment. But the data challenge demands a much broader strategic response.


The road to sustainable growth in wealth management

This paper provides an overview of meeting the sustainability challenges of large fullservice wealth management firms in the United States. It also describes how these firms can revamp their operating and service models to capitalize on market opportunities.


Transforming client onboarding

Getting better at the client onboarding process is an essential goal for financial institutions that expect to enhance their relationship with consumers and grow the business. But that goal remains elusive for virtually every institution, primarily because advances in technologies have not been properly leveraged to address the core challenges in onboarding.


Setting the course for growth: CEO perspectives

Looking out on the next three years, CEOs see opportunities in the steadily improving economy – but they remain focused on efficient growth, and are wary of new challenges in a significantly different, postrecovery marketplace.


Frontiers in finance

Data, analytics and technology are central to the operating model of financial services organizations. This issue of frontiers explores a number of important implications and how the role of Chief Information Officer has never been more important to the future success of the business.

investing-in-the future

Investing in the future: How megatrends are reshaping the future of the investment management industry

Nobody can predict the future. However one thing is clear, it will be very different from today. We believe that a number of deep-rooted forces — megatrends — are driving the fundamental changes within the investment management industry.

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Managing change


Rethinking operations: A closer look at operational transformation

Organizational transformation is nothing new. The scale of the change facing the industry has been seen before, many times over. What is different this time, however, is the fact that an increasing number of firms are assessing the organizational transformation exercise through the eyes of their customers and in relation to the business model those customers want in the future. This represents a significant shift from the manner in which financial services organizations have tended to approach such transformation exercises in the past.


The transformation of capital markets: Forces, implications, actions

Under siege on the cost, return on equity (ROE), profit, capital, liquidity, revenue, and tradingvolume fronts, banks in capital markets businesses are confronting a fundamental shift in their industry that is forcing the need to create a sustainably profitable business model.


Third party risk management in the new regulatory environment

To address their concerns, regulators have issued guidance to financial institutions providing a framework for managing risks related to third-party business relationships. The guidance provides general risk management principles which are expected to be adapted to the individual risk profile of the bank or nonbank.


Evolving investment management regulations: Clarity leads to opportunity

KPMG's look at regulation in the investment management industry. Our focus in this report is on the key areas where regulation combined with other pressures is forcing asset managers to make significant changes. The key areas are structural market change, data and reporting, risk governance, conduct, culture and remuneration.


Seeking alpha in business transformation

Similar to banks, investment managers are grappling with a raft of new regulatory compliance and reporting requirements introduced by the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act.


From burden to competitive advantage: Regulatory change and transformation in financial services

For companies in the financial services sector, the challenges of the global regulatory environment are twofold: Regulations are expensive to implementand they can limit revenue growth and profitability.

The technological frontier

Featured: Cyber security

  Webcast: Cyber-risk: Five steps to strengthen board oversight

Navigating big data’s privacy and security challenges

The paper highlights five key Big Data security and privacy challenges, and the various enterprise level approaches that can optimize Big Data’s benefits, when balancing privacy and security risks.


Cloud economics: Making the business case for cloud

Cloud trends and benefits, coupled with the complexity and risks, are prompting executives to ask what they should be doing to exploit cloud capabilities. This white paper offers insight into cloud adoption for CIOs and the rest of the C-suite, including:

  • Comparisons on run rates and cost of ownership
  • Key trigger points for moving to the cloud
  • Solution selection criteria
  • Making a business case

Optimizing data management strategies to minimize IT, legal and compliance costs

Data has rapidly become one of the financial services industry’s most critical watchwords. IT, operations and legal compliance departments bear the brunt of ensuring that regulatory requirements and restrictions are properly addressed. The hard and soft costs of managing, maintaining, and retaining necessary data are growing astronomically. Learn in this paper three primary factors that escalate the cost of data retention.


Going beyond the data: Achieving actionable insights with data and analytics

In todays competitive marketplace, its not about how much data you own; what matters is what you do with it. Going beyond the data is an insightful report giving readers a more concrete understanding of the opportunities and challenges that data and analytics (D&A) presents.