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KPMG Spectrum - LIVE 3PI Demonstration


Please visit the KPMG Spectrum table during the share forum series for a live demo of 3PI. Third party disruption carries a heavy cost of consequence that manifests itself through loss of revenue, margin, reputation, or all of the above. The most effective way to mitigate against disruption is to act before it happens. KPMG Spectrum Third Party Intelligence is designed to go beyond real time, and create the opportunity to intelligently take the right actions ahead of a disruptive event. Unlike alternative solutions, KPMG Spectrum Third Party Intelligence leverages the firm’s deep expertise, the interconnectedness of risk factors, their velocity, and their segments, to inform businesses and organizations of possible disruptions before they happen. Through the development and delivery of what we call an Intelligence Engine, Third Party Intelligence provides Access to data, Analytics, and the enablement of Action to defend against the disruptive threat.

About KPMG Spectrum

KPMG Spectrum offers Intelligence Engines that embed KPMG’s advanced technologies, global scope, and intellectual property established over decades in nimble new offerings unique to the marketplace. We enable Action through Intelligence.