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KPMG Presents: Aerospace & Defense Event Series

Mar 24, 2018

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  • Bharat Amin
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Newport News Shipbuilding
    Former VP, Chief Information Officer and various other IT positions, BAE Land & Armaments Sector
  • Doug Gates
    Global Chair, Industrial Manufacturing and Global Head of A&D
  • Donna Meshaka
    A&D CIO Advisory Managing Director

Aerospace & Defense is fiercely competitive and complex, with new constraints in some markets and growth opportunities in others. KPMG is well-equipped to help clients deal with either circumstance.

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Growth & Uncertainty: Highs and lows in the Aerospace and Defense sectors
Change, uncertainty, and disruption are rife across the aerospace and defense (A&D) sectors in the United States and around the world. A massive and fundamental transformation is underway and – when the dust starts to settle over the next few years – it seems clear that the A&D sectors will be significantly different than today.

Results from the latest KPMG Global Aerospace and Defense Outlook show that A&D companies are looking for opportunities to sustainably reduce costs and secure new growth – through more efficient research and development (R&D), through more responsive supply chains and through targeted divestments and portfolio adjustments.