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What type of cognitive automation is best for your enterprise?

Feb 15, 2017
From Advisory Institute

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What type of cognitive automation is best for your enterprise?
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From the Advice Worth Keeping podcast series
Hosted by Stan Lepeak, Global Research Director,
KPMG LLP Management Consulting


With hype-and option-driven confusion swirling in the marketplace, how should you set realistic expectations and evaluate the range of automation technologies that would potentially benefit your organization?

As Cliff Justice, principal and U.S. Leader of KPMG’s Cognitive Automation and Digital Labor strategic growth initiatives, recently discussed with Stan Lepeak, your approach should include a defined business case, and the value you want to get from embedding automation technology into a certain process or function.

Listen to this podcast to hear about:

  • The three classes of automation technology
  • Why you don’t need to move sequentially from one to the other
  • Example use and business cases for each class, as a starting point for your own vital business decision.


Duration: Less than 14 minutes.  Activate the recording with the play button over the image.


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