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Supply Chain Compliance: Addressing human rights in business

Thursday February 16, 2017 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
From Advisory Institute

KPMG Advisory Institute

Event Overview

In 2011 the UN released guiding principles on business and human rights which formalized the responsibility of businesses to respect human rights. Since this time we have seen increasing global regulations governing social compliance and human rights as well as recognized hot spots for human rights action. Pressure has increased on companies to identify and address human rights issues across their business and to assure that their sourcing policies and practices are not impacting human rights.

Failing to address human rights issues can risk damaging brand value and reputation, in certain circumstances can led to the loss of the license to operate and can also bring an increasing risk of litigation and non-compliance with a growing body of regulation. In response organizations are increasingly taking a step back to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of their social compliance function and implement transformational measures to prevent human rights impacts to the business and supply chain.

This webcast aims to help executives deepen their understanding of human rights issues and apply current good practice in identifying and managing these issues across their business and operations.

Katherine Blue

Principal, Advisory, Sustainability, KPMG LLP

Joanne Beatty

Director, Advisory, Sustainability, KPMG LLP

Katie Dunphy

Senior Manager, Sustainability, KPMG Canada

Richard Boele

Partner, KPMG Banarra and Head of KPMG’s Global Business and Human Rights Network