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The workplace of the future: Harnessing technology to attract talent, drive innovation, and improve productivity

Thursday September 07, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
From Advisory Institute

KPMG Advisory Institute


Event Overview

This webcast is part of KPMG's CIO Real Insights webcast series

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Workplace technology strategies have never been more critical to an organization’s success than now. Companies are more attuned to the power of workplace technologies on their ability to acquire and retain talent, foster the appropriate environments to drive innovation, and achieve the productivity goals necessary to scale products and margins. 

Technology is an integral part of the workplace of the future. Harnessing its full capabilities for your organization means considering its impact on your workplace designs.

This webcast detailed the steps organizations should take to design technology into the workplace, and presented real-world examples of companies that have gotten it right. The panelist discussion focused on the following three areas:

  • User experience
  • Productivity and innovation
  • Retention and recruitment


Christopher Panneck
Director, CIO Advisory, Technology Strategy, KPMG LLP


David Brickhaus

Vice President, Global End User Technologies, AT&T

Michael Cross

Vice President, Digital Services CSAA Insurance Group, AAA Insurer

Clark Golestani

President, Emerging Businesses and Global CIO, Merck

Aspi Havewala

Director, Mobility and Collaboration Platforms, Verizon