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Securing the ERP: ERP Cyber Risk

Wednesday April 25, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
From Advisory Institute

KPMG Advisory Institute


Event Overview

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With breaches, fraud and cyber events headlining the news on a daily basis, risk functions are challenged in mitigating known risks while trying to anticipate new. At the core of ERP security is protecting the data and processes of the system. But what happens when things go wrong? How do cyber breaches occur? How can an ERP fraud event impact the bottom line of your company? What harm can be done through a vulnerability in your ERP controls? Join KPMG for the next Securing the ERP webcast for case studies ripped from the headlines of real life examples of ERP cyber breaches and fraud events.

Learn from our panel of speakers, who work across multiple ERP platforms, about:

  • Important considerations during the implementation, upgrade and post-go live phase of your ERP platform
  • A framework to evaluate your current risk mitigation programs
  • Urgent and crucial first steps to take if you suspect an event has taken place

You will also have an opportunity to gain insight into KPMG’s Securing the ERP framework, a 360 degree view of security and controls, which works to effectively balance the divergent tasks of empowering ERP business users while simultaneously protecting sensitive data and transactions.

Vishi Bindra

Director, Advisory, IT Audit and Assurance, KPMG LLP

George Gray

Director, Advisory, Emerging Technology Risk Services, KPMG LLP

Erin Hughes

Director, Advisory Services, KPMG LLP

Brian Jensen

Director, Advanced Controls Practice, KPMG