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Securing the Oracle ERP Webcast: Oracle Cloud ERP Data Security

Thursday August 23, 2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
From Advisory Institute

KPMG Advisory Institute


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ERP systems have an unprecedented amount of data to help run, measure and analyze your business, but how do you keep it safe in the cloud? Who has access to what and how do you protect it?  

Join KPMG for a Securing the ERP webcast on August 23, 2018 for insights into Oracle Cloud data security.  Learn how to leverage KPMG’s ERP Data Risk Management framework to more effectively protect your crown jewels of data.  

You will also have an opportunity to gain insight into KPMG’s Securing the ERP framework, a 360 degree view of security and controls, which works to effectively balance the divergent tasks of empowering ERP business users while simultaneously protecting sensitive data and transactions.

Kevin Laird

Director, Advisory KPMG

Brian Jensen

Director, Advanced Controls Practice, KPMG