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Part 3: Digital Innovation - The Impact of Cognitive Technology on Business and Financial Reporting

Wednesday November 02, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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Event Overview

This webcast, intended for non-IT professionals, is the third in a series of KPMG presentations that look at how powerful technologies such as advanced data and analytics (D&A) and cognitive intelligence are being adapted for use in auditing, tax and corporate finance.

Our November presentation will build on the previous two discussions which covered the use of D&A in corporate finance and the auditor/client interaction. Our next session will focus on the impact of the explosion of data across businesses and the economy in general, and how the use of advanced analytical technologies will play an increasingly vital role in how information is understood and used in today’s enterprise. This session will explore the implications of how technological innovations, such as cognitive technology, make it possible to analyze large volumes of both structured and unstructured data that is used in operational and financial decision making.

In addition, the webcast will include an in-depth case study exploring the practical application of cognitive capabilities in support of audit processes. While the case study is based on the audit of a financial services entity, the capabilities discussed will have wide applicability across industries and provide participants with an understanding of how this technology may impact, their financial reporting processes, and correspondingly, audit techniques and audit quality.  

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Webcast available as CPE-eligible self-study

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Marc T. Macaulay

Cognitive Technology Audit Leader, KPMG LLP

Konstantin Konstantinovsky

Director, US Audit Cognitive Projects Lead, KPMG LLP