United States

2016 KPMG Global Energy Conference General Sessions

May 20, 2016
From Global Energy Institute


General Session Abstracts

Real-life stories of how disruptions, innovation and technology are changing the energy business

Moderator: John Kunasek, National Managing Partner, Market Development, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

Disruption. Innovation. Advances in technology. We hear the words every day, and there is no doubt they’re shaping the future of the energy industry. But what does that mean to us as energy industry executives? How are these colossal forces forcing industry executives to think differently about new approaches and less-than-traditional ways of operating their businesses? Some companies might only require minor changes to current processes, while others may require a full-on transformation of their business model. In this panel, attendees will hear specific examples from energy industry leaders about how new technologies and innovation is changing the energy landscape.


Oil Price Volatility: Root Causes and the Future Outlook

Moderator: Constance Hunter, Chief Econimist, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

Oil price volatility has remained elevated since mid-2014 with prices falling over 75% from peak to trough. The price volatility can be attributed to a number of factors including changing demand from China, geopolitics, global commitments to “green energy”, new supply sources and a 360% increase in leverage over the past six years across the sector (state-owned players to independent shale producers). Industry experts have contrasting views on the nature of the supply glut and the extent of the excess capacity that exists. Likewise, there are also contrasting views of future demand. In this panel, several leading economists will discuss and debate their views of the global market offering their own outlooks for the future state of energy prices in both the short- and long-term. Will lower for longer be the new normal, or can we expect to someday return to $100 oil?